Visiting Bali?

Are you thinking about visiting Bali?  Occasionally we are asked by people visiting Bali for travel tips.  We're certainly not experts, but we're happy to pass along this piece of information.  A long-time friend of our owner, Ann, is a young man by the name of Ketut Sudarsana.  He's done many things in his life, but for now this bright, interesting, and motivated individual is working as a driver among many other pursuits. 
If you are looking for a driver when you are in Bali you can contact him at [email protected]
Ketut also helps operate an organic farm in Tiertaganga in the east of Bali that he started with his business partner, an American woman named Pamela Tibbs.  Side by Side farm is a group of Balinese families who work together to grow fruits, vegetables, and raise prawns, pigs, and cows.  All proceeds from the farm go directly to the farmers.  Tours of the farm and the village are available where you can visit with the families, drink fresh coconut juice and eat organic vegetables in a traditional Balinese meal prepared fresh for you.  For more information contact Pamela Tibbs, the village development coordinator, at [email protected], visit the website or call the farm at 011 08 12 39 95054. 
Finally, our friend Ketut also manages and maintains a villa in Ubud, the cultural center of Bali.  Teras Sungai is a traditional Balinese-style home complete with out door living room and dining area, private pool, full kitchen, and two bedrooms with private baths.  The villa is just minutes from the bustling center of Ubud, but provides travellers with a private sanctuary.  For more information please visit
We hope this helps aspiring world travellers to find their way to this wonderful, beautiful country!